Sunday   9/27/2020          

The Members and Friends of The People's Church welcome you in the name of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, who is, who was and who is to come again. Because Christ lives, the news is good; the headlines read: "Grace, Love, Mercy, Hope, Peace, Forgiveness, Joy and Life Everlasting.”  
You are always welcome at The Peoples Church
Adult Bible study at 8:30 am

WORSHIP SERVICE starts at 9:30am

Children's Church is during our worship Service
 Coffee Fellowship is open to all at 10:45am
Please check out our Church Calendar for extra upcoming events by clicking here or at the top of the page.
Do you believe in possibilities?  Are you willing to shift your perspective and make a commitment so that we all have the peace of mind knowing we have a church with a loving Pastor to baptize our children, perform sacred marriages, confirm our youth, celebrate the passing of our loved ones, and so much more?  If we are "All In” this together, we can create a church with stability and possibility. "All In” means we are declaring our dedication to that possibility.  
The People's Church is a Christian Community in a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We invite you come and worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
who inhabits our world and indwells our lives. 

Come with your songs aching to be sung.
Come with your words aching to be spoken.
Come with your questions aching to be answered.
Come with your feelings aching to be expressed.
Come with your hearts aching for love.
Come with your arms aching for embracing.
Come with your wounds aching to be healed.
Come with your emptiness aching to be filled.
Come with your joy aching to overflow.

Come to worship and allow God's Spirit to touch and marinate your spirit, leaving you with a tingle where there was once an ache.

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